Wonderful news, dear readers!

I can officially say that I’ve finished Winter’s Daughter, this happened last night, and is quite the momentous event. -Pantomimes opening Champagne bottle- Though it is entirely unpolished and in need of many revisions and edits, I am in a state of wonder. To have reached the final stages of something so incredible… Eventually it may even progress to that last and most beautiful stage; Publication!

In order to have time to work towards that goal, I’m discontinuing this blog so I can do what I love; refining the Fjarlægur Series, and continuing my ever growing motley of short stories. But never fear, you can still have access to exclusive writings and weekly updates by supporting me on my Patreon.

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Thank you for all that you have done to support me, and for staying with me through this process. It’s because of you that I’m where I am now. And now I’m ready to take the next step. We have been through so much together, and I hope that you’ll continue to travel with me on this incredible journey.